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Custom Built IoT Platform

Welcome to the new way of handling IoT devices. Build from scratch or use one of our templates. Thingster allows complete freedom for an IoT setup

Our Service

Customized Dashboard or Quick Templates

Thingster has something for everyone. Build your own custom IoT Dashboard or access our templates to quickly get a project started. We leave the choice up to you! Be assured, we constantly update our platform to stay ahead of the industry in terms of services & products.

Multi-layered Management

Your workspace can have projects. Projects can have nodes, channels & customers. With multi-layer management, you can easily track & monitor all parts & stakeholders of your projects with custom views.

Widget Support

Thingster has integrated widgets to quickly get your IoT set-up started. Select from multiple widgets to design a custom dashboard, be it indicators or control, we provide support for all your IoT needs.

Innovative security

With regular & systematic updates, your projects & data are secured at all times. Aesthetic updates aside, Thingster takes security & integrity very seriously and is always on par with the industry. We build trust with quality.

Drag & Drop

Intuitively Designed

Drag & Drop modules into the dashboard to build quickly. Customize the modules to fit into your project. Have multiple dashboards for your projects at different stages. Thingster promotes freedom of designing what you need with an intuitive drag & drop feature that is easy to learn & master.

Manage Your Project

Events, Plugins & Bills

Thingster provides event logs for your IoT device activities as well as plugins to help with the project. What’s more, with an integrated billing system, keep track of the project finances with easy and regularity.

Customer Management

Select Customer View

With customer management systems integrated, create dashboard exactly as needed for your customers. From permissions to navigation bar menus, experience the freedom of design and customization.


We are available 24/7

Get in touch with us regarding any feedback, suggestions or a general chat about technology. We’re excited to hear from you!

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